Hana Donko Shiitake Steamed in Clay Pot

Try the finest Shiitake, Hana Donko, steamed in a clay pot. The Umami taste is even richer than Matsutake mushrooms! If you use too many Shiitake and it becomes too bitter, just add some Shojin Dashi broth to dilute the broth. The best Shiitake mushrooms have a rich flavor. The nuclei–acid Guanylate in dried Shiitake is what gives it the Umami taste, but too much can make it bitter. In this case, the problem can be solved by dilution. Please refer to the recipe for Shojin Dashi broth.

Ingredients (2 servings)

  • 2 Dried Shiitake
  • 230ml Shojin Dashi broth or Kombu Dashi Broth
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Sake
  • to taste Mitsuba (Japanese wild parsley)
  • 2 Ginkgo Nuts
  • 200ml Shiitake soaking water
  • to taste Sudachi (Japanese Citrus Sudachi)



Soak the dried Shiitake overnight to rehydrate.

Slice the Shiitake caps into 5mm slices. Cut off the hard parts of the stems, and tear the remaining parts with your fingers, or slice with a kitchen knife.

Boil 200ml Shiitake Dashi broth together with 230ml Shojin Dashi broth in a pot, add the salt and sake, bring to the boil again, and remove the scum.

Place the Shiitake and Ginkgo nuts in the clay pot and pour in the broth from 3.

Once the water in the steamer comes to a boil, insert the clay pot and steam for ten minutes.

Garnish with Mitsuba on top and Sudachi lime on the side and enjoy.


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