Korean Namul with Shiitake and Kiriboshi Daikon

The Korean Namul you've been eating may not have been perfect yet. Shiitake and Kombu give it an excellent natural umami flavor! The dried Daikon and carrot mix gives it a crunchy texture. Many restaurants use Chinese Shiitake, but when you make it at home, you can use thick slices of Japanese Forest-grown Shiitake, which gives it a new dimension Umami taste. Please try cooking them. Dried carrots are more colorful than fresh carrots and are great for adding color to dishes.

Ingredients (4 servings)

  • 5 ( 60g ) Dried Shiitake
  • 30g Dried Daikon & Carrot Strip Mix
  • 25g Cucumber
  • 2g Shredded kombu kelp
  • 1/2 Tbsp Toasted sesame seeds
  • A dash of Shredded chili pepper
  • 1 tsp Light soy sauce -A
  • 1 tsp Sugar -A
  • 4 tsp Sesame oil -A
  • 1/2 tsp Salt -A


Reconstitute the dried Shiitake with water, then slice.
Reconstitute the Dried Daikon & Carrot Strip Mix with water and lightly squeeze out the water.
Roughly shred the cucumber and salt lightly.
Lightly boil the Steps 1 and 2 ingredients in salt water. Drain the water and while hot, mix in the shredded kombu kelp and add the cucumber.
Mix in Seasoning A to flavor.
Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds and chili peppers.


Rehydrating dried Shiitake with cold water gets rid of bad odors and brings out more sweetness and flavor.

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