Seafood Marinade

If you have the Dashi broth oil dressing ready, you can make this innovative recipe easily! Reduce the amount of excess water as much as possible when making this. Please refer to the recipe for Dashi Broth Oil

Ingredients (Ingredients (for 4 people):)

  • 40g shredded raw squid noodles
  • 40g salmon
  • 16 deep-water shrimps
  • 4 sliced cherry tomatoes
  • 1/2 sliced onion
  • 8g Daikon radish sprouts
  • 20g mesclun greens (or salad)
  • 1/8 cut lemon slice
  • 4 Tbsp Dashi broth oil dressing (with mustard)
  • as necessary Italian parsley (garnish, to taste)


Soak the onions in water for about 10 minutes, then drain them.
Plate up the mesclun greens (or salad).
Line up the sliced onions around 2. and place the salmon, squid, and shrimps on top of that.
Top up with the sliced cherry tomatoes and sliced lemons, then garnish the whole plate with the Daikon radish sprouts.
Once done plating it up, pour the dressing on the top and serve.


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