Sauteed Whitefish & Dressing Sauce

The Dashi broth oil dressing can also be used to make a delicious sauce! Saute the skin first for crispy skin! Use the "Dashi Broth Oil Dressing" made with another recipe, "Dashi Broth Oil".

Ingredients (Ingredients (for 1 person):)

  • 2 Tbsp Dashi broth oil
  • 80g whitefish
  • 20g broccoli
  • as necessary Dashi broth oil dressing (with mustard)


Make the Dashi broth oil dressing with the Dashi broth oil.
Coat the whitefish with the Dashi broth oil (1 Tbsp) and marinate for around 2 hours.
Pour 1 Tbsp of the Dashi broth oil into a frying pan and saute the whitefish.
Once one side is cooked, flip it over and add the broccoli on the side, and saute.
Plate up the fish, then heat up the Dashi broth oil dressing in the frying pan and pour it over the fish.


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